Restaurants & Bars

Suikoden – An izakaya part of Yaita Eastern Hotel. Definitely try their karaage.

Norton – Perhaps Yaita’s only cocktail house, buried among the apple orchards. Make sure you check out their bathroom.

Besia – Here you can find a food court with a McDonald’s, etc. On some nights (usually Friday and Saturday) there is a mobile yakitori shop that stations itself in the parking lot area, selling each stick for about 80-100 yen.

Tempura Aoi – A bit pricey but rather reasonable tempura house.

Shion – A more upscale izakaya with great sake.

Aoi-tei – A steakhouse with a lively atmosphere. The mixed grill is recommended.

I hear there is also a great soba place near the city hall, and a great ramen place right behind the city hall. There are also rumors of a hookah bar somewhere, sometime.