International Grocery Stores

Specialty Import Stores

  • Kaldi Coffee Farm (Bell Mall)
  • Yamaya
  • Seijo Ishii (Inside JR Utsunomiya)
  • Kinei Shoji (Asian import store just east of JR Utsunomiya; specializes in Chinese and Thai ingredients)
  • Korea Market (one minute south of the Tochigi International Association; only open at night/in the evening)
  • Sewa Mart (Nepalese/Halal food and services): 〒320-0815 栃木県宇都宮市中河原町4−12 320 0815 (~10 minute walk from JR Utsunomiya, West Gate)
  • Bi Shwo Daksa(?) (South Asian food and spice shop) – exit JR Utsunomiya West Gate, walk along left (south) side of O-dori for about 5 minutes.


  • Mega Don Quixote (has many international sections/products)
  • Kinokuniya (often sells many foreign snacks and candies)
  • Tobu Department Store Basement (has a fairly large selection of wine and small “Asian” and “Western” ethnic sections)
  • Showa Shokuhin (grocery store specializing in selling to restaurant owners and therefore sells large batches of many Western products as well)