Restaurants and Bars

Fujioka Area

Senri (ramen, gyoza)

Robunooru Saraebo (cafe with excellent pasta, coffee, and desserts)

Don Quijote (cozy cafe, not the superstore)

Tochigi-shi Area

Banraiken (cheap, delicious ramen with awesome homemade pickles and the best fried rice in the city)

Choueiken (Japanese-style shop overlooking the Uzuma river. Try their lunch sets!)

Daido (the best tantanmen you’ve ever tasted)

Epicure (fancy French. Go for the price-reduced lunch for outstanding food if you’re not trying to impress a date.)

Henchikirin (the best izakaya the city has to offer)

HIGH Times (American-style bar with a wide menu and darn good BBQ ribs)

Ichimatsu (reasonable Chinese restaurant. Try the green gyoza)

Kikuya (homemade udon and soba)

Pak Mahal (Indian/Pakistani food at its finest)

Sengoku-zushi (sushi bar)

Sitting Bull (Southwest US-themed darts bar)

U-O-U (Izakaya in front of the Uzuma river. Try the sesame tofu salad.)