Roble is attached to Oyama Station and has seven floors for shopping, eating and also a cinema which plays movies in English. The first two floors is a Don Quixote which sells everything from groceries, electronics, and furniture to halloween costumes and other items. The other stores are what you would normally expect to find in a shopping mall.

Aeon is a department store which has been newly renovated and extended. It is accessible by bus or could other wise be reached with in a 15-20 minute bike ride or 10 minute taxi. Its main store is JUSCO.

Harvest Walk is the most recent shopping outlet. Unlike Roble and Aeon, Harvest Walk is an outlet mall. It has several stores over a large campus which include a ‘Super Viva’ hardware store, a large electronic store called ‘K’s Denki’, a sports warehouse called ‘Sports Depo’ and a cinema. Harvest Walk was built on an amusement park site which closed down several years ago. Because of this, Harvest Walk has a large merry-go-round in the middle of its shopping grounds. Harvest Walk is about 3km from Oyama Station and there are regular free buses which depart from the west exit of the station.




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