Restaurants & Bars


Yaasu: Italian and paella (The owner speaks some English)

La Madre: pizza

Takara: dubbed the best gyoza in Kuroiso!

Bistro Sanjushi: an Italian izakaya. There are other branches in Nishi-nasuno and Otawara run by the same family, but this one arguably is the best of the 3.

Schalenbaum: a bakery with a wide range of pastries.

Cream Pan: a bakery selling a lot of types of bread, including their famous “cream pan.”

Keystone: a small but great place run by an awesome guy named Fumi.


Nobushirou: tenzaru soba–handmade soba and home-grown vegetables.

Kobaya Shokudo: a suupu-iri yakisoba (Shiobara specialty of yakisoba served in soup) place. The broth is slightly sweeter than Kamahiko (see below).

Kamahiko: another suupi-iri yakisoba place, and supposedly where the dish originated from.

Gioia Mia: an excellent Italian place with great spaghetti with cream sauce and dessert. There is another main branch in Nasu-Machi.