City Info (Ashikaga)

Geographical Location

Ashikaga is the southwestern-most city in Tochigi Prefecture, just right beside the Tochigi-Gunma border.

Ashikaga is a basin surrounded by hills and mountains, resulting in an environment for drastic temperature gaps. In summer, the feel-like temperature can easily go up to 40°C and above during the day. During winter season, due to the lack of snowfall and humidity, the temperatures in the day hover around 12°C or so, but at night it becomes bitingly cold with a feel-like temperature of around -7°C or so, with less than 20% relative humidity.

Brief History

The city has a rich history as an education hub in the past. The oldest school in Japan, Ashikaga school, is located right in the city center. While it no longer functions as a school, the buildings on the school grounds are kept intact so visitors can have a look at the several features that were implemented in the school to understand how it was like to study during that time.


Two different train lines run through Ashikaga – the JR Ryomo line (JR Ashikaga station) and the Tobu Isesaki line (Ashikagashi station). The JR line only has local trains running on it, and connects Ashikaga to the other towns in Tochigi prefecture, as well as towards the major cities of Gunma prefecture, like Maebashi city and Takasaki city. Tobu Isesaki line has both local and express trains running on it, and the line connects Ashikaga with Saitama prefecture and Tokyo region, making traveling down to the metropolis a simple feat to do.

Within the city itself, while there are buses running around, they are very infrequent. The most common modes of transportation are cycling or travelling by car.

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