Leaving JET

Click here to download the guide for predecessors to use to chronicle all relevant information for their successors.

JETs are recommended to save the file of the guide they received so they won’t have to fill it out from scratch once they complete their time on JET. E-mailing it to yourself might be a way to keep the file safe and accessible, if you haven’t already saved the e-mail from your pred.

Graduate School

The next step:

Using JET Effectively

After JET Guide (JET)

After JET Conference Info and Resources (JET)

JET Career Fair Info and Resources (JET)

Transferable Skill Sets JETs Can Promote on Resume/C.V. and Applications (from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, Middlebury College)

The Kumamoto PA wiki has an incredibly extensive list of resources for all walks of life post-JET

An unofficial JET website also has extensive resources (also available as a handy PDF)

Grad School

Scholarships for JETs (AJET)

Suggested schools organized by country (AJET)

Job Hunting

Finding Jobs in Japan

O-Hayo Sensei

Gaijinpot (also has resources for apartment hunting and studying in Japan)

Daijobs (English available, but Japanese-heavy)

Wantedly (Japanese only)

Negotiating Resources

She Negotiates resources: loads of suggested media and worksheets (including how to research your market value and negotiation preparation) to help you succeed in your new career. (Helpful for men and gender-non-conformists too!)

How to Negotiate Salary: 37 Tips You Need to Know

5 Things to Negotiate Besides Salary (US-centric, but potentially helpful for other regions as well)


Expatisan: compare costs of living in cities all around the world

Tokyo-Apart has an excellent checklist of 32 points to make sure of when you look for a new apartment in Japan (Japanese)

73 secrets when apartment searching in Japan (Japanese)