Online Resources


The Tochigi International Association has a nice website offering foreigners a Guide to Living in Tochigi, offering services for everything from monthly newsletters to consultations and Japanese lessons all across the prefecture. They don’t seem to update their English website too much (although if you can read Japanese, that version is mostly up-to-date), so if you have a question about or interest in something, it might be best to call or send them an email beforehand to confirm.

Tochigi has a website in various languages (including English) made to help study abroad students (but is also perfectly applicable to JETs) acclimate to life in Tochigi through videos. It covers topics such as food and traditional crafts of Tochigi, how to take a bus, how to sort garbage, and more.

Tochigi ALTs: a site constructed by 2 of your PAs, Dale and Brittany, which contains an abundance of resources for anyone living in Tochigi, ALT or otherwise.

Surviving in Japan is an indispensable website for foreigners living in Japan, offering in-depth guides about everything from how to use a Japanese toilet, to how to survive summer, to how to go to a Japanese gynecologist.


The Jet Coaster is a Japan-related community blog+, which has many posts relating to JET and Japan life. Kelsey CIR/PA keeps her blog here, and often writes posts about Utsunomiya and advice about living in Japan.

Tofugu is a well-established blog discussing Japanese language and culture, with many other popular child sites and tools for learning Japanese, such as Wanikani.

Interest Group Websites

Meetup Utsunomiya offers a variety of interest groups, including art, sports, and international exchange, based in Utsunomiya.

Meetup Tochigi offers a variety of interest groups in the greater Tochigi (Tochigi plus cities in nearby prefectures) area.

A comprehensive JET/foreigner-related list of Facebook groups can be found here.

Tochigi-Related Facebook Groups

Tochigi JETs is a closed Facebook page to all current, past, and future Tochigi JET participants.

Tochigi ALTs is a group to support ALTs (and otherwise) living in Tochigi by advising on educational materials and advertising local events and opportunities.

AJET Block 3 is a JET group combining Tochigi, Gunma, Nagano, Ibaraki, and Saitama to share events and other information pertaining to the area and to JET.

Garage Sale Utsunomiya is a group to sell secondhand items centered around but not limited to Utsunomiya.

Mottainai Utsunomiya is a group to give away free items to people Tochigi area, centered around but not limited to Utsunomiya.

tochigi facebook 交流会 is a Japanese group advertising events and opportunities in the prefecture.

Utsunomiya, Tochigi is a group for those with connections to Utsunomiya to spread information and opportunities in the area.

Utsunomiya Board of Gaming is a group for game aficionados to get together and play together.

Japan-Related Facebook Groups

Japan Teaching Resources is a space to share tips and tricks when teaching (primarily) English in Japan.

Japan Expat Network is the official Facebook group by the Jet Coaster and offers a forum for foreigners in Japan to share information with one another.