Website Relaunched!

Hello everyone!

This is Kelsey, your friendly, neighborhood CIR/(wannabe) Spiderman. I have finally been able to work through some of the glitches in this site (which I had been meaning to do for a few months now), so I am happy to say that this site will become useful once again for past, present, and future JETs! As it has been sitting for a couple years up till now, it will still take some time to get the rust wiped off and get it all shiny and like-new again, so bear with me! As usual, if you have any feedback, give me a shout!

Changes hitherto:

  • Tweaking the theme and format of the website in general
  • Addition of Online resources info for Learning Japanese
  • Online Resources for Daily Life
  • Addition of Tochigi JET Update
  • Meet your PA’s update
  • Books under Learning Japanese
  • Restaurants in Nasu-Shiobara, Yaita and Utsunomiya
  • Personal Safety
  • Japanese Classes in Tochigi under Learning Japanese
  • Apps under Learning Japanese (1/19)
  • Future JETs–Advice (1/21)
  • Travel–Prefectural page created (1/21)
  • Travel–Tips page created (3/7)


(PS: Even if you’ve already checked the above-mentioned pages, even since this post came out, they are still all works in progress–definitely keep checking back for more updates.)


Tochigi JET Homepage Launched!

This year we are proud to announce the re-opening of Tochigi’s own JET Homepage, after years of bouncing from one home to the next. We now settle in WordPress to allow a constant stream of updates regarding news, reminders and events.

The links along the top will direct you to pages that feature useful information for working and living in Tochigi.

This website is a collaborative effort between all JETs in Tochigi Prefecture, so many thanks to all of those who contribute to building our home-sweet-homepage.