More updates in preparation for new JETs

It’s May, meaning that our BOE will be confirming who Tochigi will take, and CLAIR will be sending out the exciting notifications of general prefectural placement! My attentions had been elsewhere away from working on the site for the past few months, but to prepare for incoming (so to speak), I will be putting more effort into revamping this site and making it more useful.

If you’re reading this, I assume it’s likely that you just got notified of your placement and are desperately looking for information about what it’s like in Tochigi as a JET. First, congrats! Second, feel free to browse the pages here, and also don’t hesitate to look at other prefectures’ pages–they tend have a wealth of information too! (Although have a discerning eye when determining whether it would be applicable to JETs outside that prefecture.)

Incoming JETs, also make sure you join our Tochigi JET Facebook group!

Recent & notable updates:

  • June 20
    • International Grocery Stores added under Utsunomiya
  • June 14
    • PA information updated
  • May 31
    • Updated “Advice” under JET Life
  • May 27
    • Added “Volunteering” information
  • May 26
    • Consolidated “Tips” page to “Travel” home.
  • May 20
    • Added “Tochigi City” and sub-page “Restaurants and Bars”
    • Added Restaurants and Bars pages to Kanuma and Shimotsuke
    • Created the “Tochigi JET Dictionary” under Learning Japanese
  • May 16
    • Changed tab interface to be more user-friendly (specifically rearranging the JET Life section)
    • Added Useful Articles and Japanese Classes in Tochigi section to Learning Japanese
    • Changed the Restaurants & Bars section of Utsunomiya
    • Added the Emergency Japanese document to Personal Safety



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