Toyama International Charity Show

Toyama Prefecture, located roughly between Tochigi and Kyoto, runs an annual International Charity Show, managed entirely by JETs.

“Every year, the Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) and Coordinators for International Relations (CIRs) in Toyama prefecture organize an International Charity Show to raise money for charity both locally and internationally while also giving back to the community that has welcomed them so hospitably. The first Charity Show was held in 1990, and 2011 marks its 21st anniversary.”

Click on the link to the Charity Show homepage for more information.

The event is a great chance for JETs to take initiative to manage and run events in the prefecture. It’s a win-win situation when considering both personal advantages (skills training, resume-building, great memories!) and community advantages (exposure to the international community, benefits from charity money, great memories!). Let’s take pride in our roles as ambassadors in Japan and give back to our second-home in Tochigi by planning a great event of our own!


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